It  is  quite  possible you
ever       heard      Marina
Rusetskaya's     songs    or
romances in her performance.
If   not,   you   have  this
opportunity   in   RealAudio
chapter   (without  romances
yet).   Unfortunately,  it's
absolutely   impossible   to
find her albums although her
songs are known all over the
world.  In Russia it's usual
when  songs recorded "in the
kitchen"    are    spreading
widely.  In  the  main  it's
recordings  from  the  radio
stations,     concerts    or
indeed,  tapes  recorded  at
home   in  the  kitchen  for
friends  and  relatives. The
same  situation  is with her
prose    and   verses.   Our
"Virtual  book"  intended to
find  the  way  to release a
long awaited albums - a huge
amount of songs and hits are
not   released   yet!   It's
absolutely unique situation.
Almost  everyone,  who  ever
herd  Marina  or  Masha (she
also known under that name),
have her recordings, because
if   you'll  ever  hear  her
voice  you  wont ever forget